Since being back in the US Brandon started the new tradition of buying fresh flowers every week. It is SO worth the $4 to have a garden in your living room! I highly recommend it.
He made a point of telling me that the flowers are not for me they're for the apartment (he was joking of course (I think)).

This week we chose gladiolus. I took these photos of their springy-fresh fleur-ish-ness.
YAY for springtime!



harry potter pictures

I am completely captivated by these new Harry-Potter-esque pictures that are sweeping the digital world. I think this means that we're all muggles after all and should be watching for signs of magic in our midst. But seriously, I'm going to try making one of these animated gifs but it's going to be preeety primitive in comparison to these (from me to you). Enjoy the eye feast.




I saw this pram when we were in London and fell. in. love. The fact that I spotted it in the same neighborhood where we saw a Bugatti Veyron (the most expensive car in the world) should have instantly squelched any fantasy I had of ever owning one. But it didn't. After some light detective work I found it, and just when I thought it couldn't be any more beautiful I saw this photoshoot.


It's a "classic pram" by Inglesina, which starts around $700.

Sigh, I guess that's never going to happen. Maybe I can someday find a real vintage version to own (as long as it doesn't smell like mummies and seem like a death-trap).


boots at target


Our British pharmacy BOOTS now has a line at Target! I was overcome with nostalgia when I saw it and this beautiful glass bottle of Cleansing Milk. I had to buy it, to support Boots and so I can look at that bottle every time I go into my bathroom. :)
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