european tour

We're going back to Europe! and I couldn't be more excited or more exhausted from planning planning planning. During this process I have come to realize why someone might hire a travel agent (aside from the obvious benefits in the non-internet days), and I have also learned that I would never like to be said travel agent. I am NOT a planner and even though "planning your trip to Europe" is something you can never complain about, I am exhausted. I just hope we won't have to spend any nights outside.

That said, I am very very very excited! We will have limited and sporadic access to the interwebs during our time away, but I will post updates whenever possible.

I am also scheduling Type Travel Tuesdays while we're away so as not to upset any of my super devoted fan base. ;)

(I altered the above image from Jetsetter.com, I loved how it fades from Paris to London)


mansion weekend

For Jordan's 30th birthday, Jennie planned an amazing surprise party weekend at their friends' beautiful Dallas home. She got friends to come in from all around Texas (Houston, Killeen, and Waco (us!) and also all the way from KC and Iowa!

The weekend began when Heather and Adam's transmission went out about an hour north of Dallas and we had to drive up and rescue them. Nick and Nicole happened to be driving down from Iowa and arrived there at the same time as us. Our first reunion and the first time we got to meet their baby girl, Elise, was on a frontage road off of I-35!

Jennie planned for the surprise to happen at a pub where Jordan first thought he was having a party with his Dallas friends and family until he found all the BDC guys hiding together in one bathroom stall.

We then went up to Flower Mound where family friends of the Kologes generously shared their beautiful home with us for the weekend! We spent time around the campfire, playing in the ice cold pool, sunning ourselves in the perfect mid-70 degree weather, talking, laughing, eating and holding babies. It was a wonderful time!

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