why are we allowed to have these?

Last last weekend at the hotel we had a very rickety ironing board which promptly collapsed and the iron landed on my foot causing blunt-force trauma and a puncture wound. The iron wasn't hot as I was just going to plug it in, but I think that may have been better as it would have cauterized my wound.

It wasn't funny at first but then I recalled Brian Regan's oh-so-accurate reflection on ironing boards:

He's so hilarious.


whirlwind wedding weekend

SO I've been sick and packing all week(s) so I haven't gotten to this post that I've been very excited about!

Last LAST weekend was so wonderful. Jordan and Jennie's wedding was unbelievably perfect and beautiful, and so were they. I am SO happy for them! The wedding was in the front lawn of a lovely old (and haunted?) mansion and the reception was under the trees in the backyard. Magical!

I got some much-needed time with Heather on saturday and we had a stylish time!

Then on Sunday we got to spend much-needed time with the Heggers! I even got to introduce Julie and Heather for the first time! I call this photo "worlds collide." It was such fun!

We spent the day relaxing in Julie's mom's lovely backyard catching up and playing with Bella. They also gave us a wonderful eating-tour of St. Louis, starting with Imo's pizza and ending at their favorite hole-in-the-wall donut shop!

*by Julie Hegger

AND THEN on Sunday while we hung out Mom and Dad drove all the way from St. Louis to Charlotte for one last horrah in the Queen City! We ate at our favorite French restaurant, toured our favorite places, walked on the hiking trail, visited work (for about 2 hours of chatting!), and had a fabulous time together! As crazy hard-core road-trippers they stayed here ONE DAY and then drove back to the midwest stopping at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville on their way home.  WHAT A ROCKIN' WEEKEND!

(me at my desk!)


: type travel tuesday : on thursday {montparnasse, paris}

crêperie pont-aven
(and for the record "crêpe" rhymes with "step" not with "tape." --- end pet-peeve rant ---)


How to Survive and Thrive with a Student Husband

I guest posted at the tiny twig on Monday on How to Survive and Thrive with a Student Husband, a subject I know a bit about. Check it out!

Sorry, I'm sick and have had visitors but I'll be back soon.


meet me in st. louis

This weekend I am meeting up with some of my BESTEST friends (namely Heather and Julie) in St. Louis for Jordan and Jennie's wedding!!! I am so excited for every minute of the weekend! In honor of meeting up in St. Louis, Julie and I are watching the oh-so-appropriately titled movie "Meet me in St. Louis!"

Alissa and I used to watch it all the time as kids and what I remember most vividly is the dramatic "haze" that they put around Judy Garland for romantic effect. It's funny how they greased the lens only in certain shots. It is such a contrast from the crisp picture of the male-love-interest to the blurred picture when they cut to the-girl, but it definitely does get across that foggy "in-love" feeling.


cool, cool

I want to cooly keep things cool in a SMEG! I saw these fridges in the UK, and fell in love. Aren't they a perfect modernized vintage? And they come in lots of funky colors. But I'm sure they cost a lot. Boo.

s meg
The SMEG mini-fridge version, from my favorite tearoom in England.

Here are some other SMEGs adorably perfecting kitchens.
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