reunited (two)

We were also reunited with the newly expanded Van Wyk family!

We talked and laughed, played with baby Gracie, explored historic Weston, discovered an amazing pub, found out tobacco is grown in Missouri and found a hand-rolled cigar store, and ate good food.


reunited (one)

Coming back to the midwest for the summer has been a blast so far! We've been reunited with so many great friends and family already, and have more to come as well.

First we got to see the Heggers in KC. We hung out until the wee hours of the morning catching up in their hotel room, went out for lunch, went for a stroll, and did build-a-bear. It was so much fun!


green bee

I didn't know they existed, but Brittany and I were dueling cameras last night and we saw this neon green bumble bee! It was crazy beeeeautiful. hehe


solar eclipse

After trying to look at the eclipse through a tiny hole in a napkin, then through a pizza box, and scalding our retinas, we realized we could look at the eclipse the way I sometimes look at the world, through my camera lens.

Here are the best two photos I got of it before it dipped behind a truck stop. The eclipse reflected off my camera's internal mirror and appears upside-down as a lens flare.


meet cutes

We're back in the midwest for the summer and have gotten to meet lots of cute little babies since being back!

First, we got to meet little E when we saw Ian and Julie in KC! Such a sweetie. Love her!

Next, we got to meet baby Grace when we saw Heather and Adam in KC! Love at first sight!

And we got to meet the new family dog, Maximilian, back home at Brandon's.


may in the UK...

was magical.
Here is the quintessential scene: a blanket of flowers, bright puffy clouds threatening rain, someone in wellies out for a stroll in a field with their dog.


wonderful wisteria

Wisteria is one of my favorite flowering plants. I was just remembering how it creeps up every weathered brick and stone in England this time of year, and longing to go back.

Here are some pictures of the wisteria in Cambridge, London and Stratford-upon-Avon.

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