lake superior fog

_MG_4756 _MG_4762 It's been so nice and refreshing here with lots of rain and temperatures in the 50s and 60s! The other night some eery and beautiful fog rolled in over the lake.


sister surprise

SURPRISE! I am with my sister and little baby James RIGHT NOW (squeezing his cheeks as we speak)! The ever-romantic Jonathan flew me in as a surprise birthday gift for Alissa!

Grandma picked me up at the airport and Alissa was quite shocked when I came strolling out of the back room during her visit with grandma on Thursday. Aunt Kathy didn't know I was coming either and you can really see it on her face. :) (the photo is a bit blurry due to my extreme excitement).

IMG_4502 _MG_4521

James said "Hi" six times last week and I was hoping he'd say it when he saw me, but he didn't. :(

We're having a really fun time, shopping, decorating, sistering and doing a lot of this:

_MG_4851b _MG_4834b
OOOOOOOOOOOO that little boy is my FAVORITE!!!!!

: type travel tuesday : { portobello road, london }

vintage french buttons

Vintage french buttons I found in Notting Hill. 1 per sheet! 



I love talking to Alis and nephew baby James on skype. I wish I could snuggle him through the computer and squeeze those little cheeks. I realize that I already sound like an old lady, but I can't help myself ... look at how adorable he is! I miss you baby guy (and you too sis!). :)


i heart leah grace parker

New Waco friends, the Parkers, have been on a long journey for their little 4-year-old daughter Leah Grace to find a new heart. She has been waiting over 18 months on a life-saving heart transplant. They have had to stay within two hours of Dallas for that time in case a heart became available. Last Thursday their beeper went of and they found a heart for Leah! Within hours they were operating and the surgery went as well as possible! Leah is still in need of lots of prayer and lots of recovery and the rest of the family is in need of much prayer (and sleep as well)!

I have been working with the Leah Grace Parker fundraising team to create materials and raise money. I did this logo for her and we're making t-shirts and business cards. The organization COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) has been helping the Parkers and continues to sponsor events and fund-raisers as they try to raise money they need for her heart-transplant ($75,000 out of pocket).
You can follow Leah's progress on their blog: http://parkerlife04.blogspot.com/

and you can donate (securely and tax-deductibly) to Leah on her COTA site: http://cotaforleahgracep.com/

this is texas: favorite shape

Everyone's favorite shape in Texas is the shape of Texas. It. is. everywhere. Logos, signs, TV, products, just everything. Perhaps the funniest thing we've found so far, however, are the Texas-shaped tortilla chips. hehehe
_MG_4462 _MG_4028


brandon's bliss

is swimming in a sea of books. _MG_4036 _MG_4049

...and organizing his book shelves.


flea market find

There is a flea market in an old drive-in theatre down the street and my friend Liz and I went to check it out this morning.

_MG_4450b _MG_4454

I found a Bentwood rocker (design circa 1860) for $14! The fabric on it is ugly and it has some dings but it's solid and it good shape overall. I looked on ebay and Bentwood rockers are $150 - $700+ on there! Brandon has been wanting a chair for his office and I figure someday that office will become a nursery so the rocking chair will be perfect.


brandon grotesque

New typeface for sale. Not sure what it is, but something draws me to it.


viva la revolution

According to this article, The Freelance Surge Is the Industrial Revolution of Our Time,
and I'm proud to be a part of it!

It's been slow-coming and I'm definitely still getting the hang of working from home, but I now have 4 big clients (3 are agencies) so I could end up being completely swamped and having to turn down work! Also, being a very social person I am worried I will go stir-crazy and that Brandon will suffer my pent up thoughts when he gets home each night. But for now I'm really excited and am learning to plan out my days (with help from the very organized and self-motivated Brandon Isaac Dahm).

Viva la Revolution!

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