2013 spring color report

Pantone reports on spring's freshest colors. See them everywhere, today!




jaira is one

Our sweet niece Jaira turned one at the beginning of January! It's so crazy how fast a year can fly by. She got lots of love from family and friends at her first birthday party, which we were so happy to be able to attend.

Happy Birthday Jaira!


a river runs through it: south silver

I love water.

(click photo to enlarge it)

Despite being land-locked in the midwest, I grew up in Minnesota the "Land of 10,000 Lakes!" (and we have even more than that). I also grew up on one of those 10,000+ lakes, which was certainly influential in cultivating my love for water. The sloshing sounds, the fresh smells (except during the summer algae season, of course), the reflections which expand and nearly double the world around you, the wildlife it brings, are all serene and beautiful.

Recently I realized that all of my favorite places in the world feature significant bodies of water, and that pretty much all of the great cities on earth are river towns. I understand that rivers brought life, resources and commerce to the people, and that's why they built on them, but I like that the rivers also greatly improve the ambiance and culture of the cities.

Here's a little series on some of my favorite places represented by their significant bodies of water.

Oddly, the first one isn't even a river, but it is the lake I grew up on and therefore dearest to my heart.


culinary quest: poached eggs

One of the cooking challenges Brandon and I have been wanting to attempt is poaching an egg. Not with a cheater little plastic thingy that you put into the water either, but the by-hand way. Since Katie also loves to cook we decided to try it together over break.

It actually wasn't too too difficult if you got the not-quite-but-almost-boiling-water swirling slowly and then dropped the egg right into the not-swirling center of it, then kept slooooowly swirling the water around until it seemed done. 

We decided we might as well use the opportunity to make Eggs Benedict, so they whipped up a delicious Hollandaise as well. It was a tasty success.


sleigh ride

Enjoyed some good ol' snowy activities up der in the white north.



:type travel tuesday: {le metro de paris: 1}

...and now I will begin a series of type travel tuesday photos of signs for Paris's subway system Le Metropolitain.

Le rive gauche, Paris.


happy new year

In lieu of a Christmas card (which I never got myself together to design, print or send) here is a digital new year's greeting. Wishing you and yours a wonderful 2013!

(click to enlarge photo)

Photography by Daniel Fordice


:type travel tuesday: {free dvd with purchase}

Buy this Steakhouse and receive a free Canada Fishing DVD.

Fairmont, Minnesota

Two days late, but oh well.
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