:type travel tuesday: {gran caffé san marco, florence}

The Gran Caffé San Marco was one of our favorite little coffee spots in Florence. It had such a charming old-world glam and excellent cappuccinos. We found ourselves going back there multiple times. That was partially because we're creatures of habit, partially because we knew it was tasty, and partially because of the ambiance. It's so fun to just (pay less to) stand at the bar and drink your coffee and then keep moving.


air plant

Alissa got me this adorable Tillandsia and planter for my birthday! I love it. Since it's an air plant I should actually be able to keep it alive! Water once a week? I'll try.


birthday visit

Well, I left my twenties in the rear view mirror last weekend. But Mom and Dad came down to help ease the pain! We had a great time! We ate TONS of food (way too much, really), went to the park, went to the symphony, went to the Dr. Pepper museum with cousin Jordyn!, went shopping, did some relaxing and did a lot of talking. They also brought me great birthday presents! THANK YOU!

A (not so) good friend (haha) pointed out to me that age used to be indicated by saying what year you were "doing" instead of what year you have "completed," which means I'm really IN my 31st year right now. Great! That was supposed to make me realize that I had already been 30 for a year and it hadn't been bad. haha I really don't mind at all, actually. I did wake up feeling more legitimately adult, and with less excuses for being immature, but I wore a sweater with hearts all over it to church anyway.

I'm excited about what this new decade will hold. Bring it on!


domino is back!

DOMINO (one of my old favorite magazines that died during the economic downturn) is back (or so I hear)!!! I am soooo excited! Yes, I will be subscribing. Why did you ever leave me?


:type travel tuesday: {norcineria salsamentaria, rome}

This place had fabulous limoncello (which we polished off quickly), amazing cheeses, sausages, wines, sandwiches etc, and we bought the next day's lunch here when we strolled into the shop around midnight.


ladies' birthday night

Melinda, Alli and I all have birthdays in close proximity and we've been talking about going out for birthday cocktails since...well...last year! This weekend we finally did dinner and drinks to celebrate being born. It was such a fun time!

(Cocktail invite by Oh Happy Day)


it's getting chili

It's finally starting to get (kind of) chilly here in Texas, and I'm happy for some fall weather (too little to late). It's time for chili and cornbread! Does anyone else put pasta in their chili or is that just some crazy thing Brandon's family made up? It's delicious!
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