hamster aerobatics

I was recently reminded of this video my brother Dan made of our awesome back-flipping hamsters from college. Meet Dean and her babies Fabio, Herman Rodriguez Jr. and Gary.

Alissa, Heather and I went to our pet store, The Ark, in college and were enamored with a talented back-flipping hamster. We promptly bought him and took him home in a chinese take-out container. Much to our dismay the new hamster just slept and did no back-flips. So, sneaky as we are, we decided to put the hamster back into my big purse and return to the pet store. We made our way back to the hamster section and switched our lazy nap-taking hamster for the CORRECT back-flipping hamster. Much to our surprise and delight we discovered our new hamster Dean with three babies one morning. The babies turned out to be back-flipping too! They made for some fun times during our college years.


duluth deluge

Well we're flooded-in up north in Duluth this morning. We had a veritable deluge of about 8 inches in 24 hours which has washed out and flooded roads, filled up parking lots and caused some large sink holes. Brandon was supposed to fly to NYC from the twin cities this morning but we couldn't get to the airport since I-35 is closed and all the roads to it are washed out or under about 4 feet of water!

The Duluth Zoo also flooded and the seal was found on Grand Avenue. Sadly about eight animals died as a result.

They haven't had this kind of flood here in 40 years. WE NEED AN ARK!

 Target under 4 feet! I hope it's ok. :(

Photos from this news story.


RIP, everlasting pumpkin

After nearly 8 long months of life, our not-so-everlasting-afterall pumpkin has given in to the Texas heat (an understandable fate). This note and photo are from our summer tenant alerting us of his passing:

Would it make you any happier to know that Pumpkin went out in peace? He’s gone to that great pumpkin patch in the sky; no more pain. Here he is in his last days...



diamond jubilee

This year marks Queen Elizabeth II's 60th year on the throne and Britain is celebrating accordingly. She is the second longest reigning British monarch behind Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years and 7 months. It must help when no one is trying to murder you and take your throne.

Here are some nostalgic photos of my close encounters with the Queenie on her visit for Cambridge's 800th Anniversary (and a painting I did afterwards). If you look closely on the second photo you can see me reflected in her Queen-car (taking a picture of course). I circled myself for ease of viewing.

God save the Queen!

sources: first photo / last photo


welcoming june

I love summertime and I am quite happy to welcome the month of June. June Hymn, by the Decemberists, is such a lovely ode.

June Hymn by The Decemberists on Grooveshark

(photo from June in Cambridge)
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