cute critters

While we're on the subject of adorably crafted critters, I saw this post on Oh Joy! featuring breath-taking handmade textile animals, and immediately recognized them from a shop window in Cambridge.

This amazing bird caught my eye as I passed the gallery Cambridge Contemporary Crafts, and I fell in love. Unfortunately, the £65 price tag quelled my desire of ever owning one. These wonderful creatures are the creation of London-based textile designer and illustrator, Abigail Brown.

It was fun to be reminded of them on Joy's blog and to see more of Abigail's work. I hadn't ever looked her up. She is amazingly talented. I think I'll just go ahead and add a few of these to my wish list: "things I'd buy for myself and others if I were rich".

termite problem update

DING DONG they're DEAD! Or at least it seems like it. The exterminator came yesterday morning and I immediately taped up the holes. Since then we haven't seen any and they never came through the tape! So I assume they're all goners. YAY!


termite problem

Welp, we have a termite problem. Gotta say I am loving the south lately. The termites are eating their way through the wall next to our living room window!

Luckily, I told the office today and the exterminator came by about an hour later. So I hope they're dying as we speak. The pest guy told me the ones that hatch out have wings so they can fly off and start new colonies. They are the reproductive kind. oh great! He also said they meant to come out of the wall and be outside, but they went the wrong way. Sucks to be them. Sucks more to be us.

Anyway, I've sealed off the holes with layers and layers of tape, which they can eat through, but at least it slows them down and contains them. He also said they don't bother people. So hopefully in the next couple of days the problem will disappear.

Until then, I feel like the pink panther in this beloved episode we used to watch as kids. If you have five minutes, definitely watch it. :)


walnut animal society

I am in love with these Walnut Animal Society animals. The email about their newest society member, Magnolia the Bunny, made me giggle. Yep, they're called society members. How cute is that?

And look at their adorable site!

Not sure which one I want most.


:type travel tuesday: {love, for meg}

I did this painting of one of Meghan's favorite quotes, for her birthday. Happy Birthday Meg! Loves!
(click to enlarge)

Here is an animation of the process.


aspen 2012

we had a BLAST with the fam in aspen for spring break!

_MG_5329 IMG_0021.jpg IMG_0044.jpg IMG_0039.jpg _MG_5579 _MG_5350 _MG_5321 _MG_6158 _MG_5731 _MG_5941 _MG_6169
(more photos on facebook)



I've lived in the south for four and a half years now... and I decided if I'm going to be living in Texas for another four and a half then I best subscribe to Garden&Gun.

Just got my first issue and I think I'm going to like it.



la fonda spanish dancer

I stumbled upon the hue "La Fonda Spanish Dancer" (haha!) by Valspar in a recent Better Homes and Gardens.

It's such a bright, happy and fresh hue for spring! Now, I've realized I own alotta La Fonda. 

(click to enlarge)


aspen 1986

Well we're headed to Aspen next week for a rendezvous with my family and a spring break skication. Mostly, I plan to wander the town, shop and sit in a french cafe that brandon found, but I will probably ski at least one day.

We were going through some old photos recently and found these from our Aspen trip in 1986! I'm going to see if I can find that quaint crepe cart while we're there!


in like a lion, in like a lamb

Well March is here and springtime is cropping up all around us as things are starting to bloom in Texas!

_MG_4987 _MG_5002 _MG_5020b _MG_5040 _MG_5042 _MG_5060 _MG_5084
In the meantime they had their FIRST huge blizzard of the winter in northern Minnesota, on leap day.

This is the first time all winter that I've been able to use my Texas-winters-make-living-here-worth-it claim. The blizzard was enjoyed by those up-nort-der, however, as they all had a snow day!

March has come in like a lion in Minnesota and like a lamb in Texas.

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