tote for sale

Well, finally after ages and ages I can announce that I was one of the winners of the One Kings Lane tote design competition! Thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for me!

The challenge was to design a summer tote, and I feel like they kind of missed the gap on selling them, but they are for sale starting today!  $15!

Go buy one! (If you want to. No pressure. Like my salesmanship?)


lady breakfast

There are few things more wonderful than friends and fabulous food, right? Lady breakfast last weekend, was the beginning of what will hopefully be a long tradition of lady-activities. I am so thankful for the wonderful friends I've made (and am making) here in Waco! 

I am also thankful that these ladies deem 9 am as an appropriate time for the commencement of breakfasts of the lady variety. They're my kind of people. Oh, and that comment lead me to realize that the red alarm clock, while adorable, is not telling the correct time. :)


new chair

I won prize money for that One King's Lane tote design competition (more on that later), and we decided to use it on a chair for our living room. We are greatly short on seating.  We thought to ourselves that a chair may not be the wisest of purchases to make online, as you can't see or sit in ahead of time and all sales are final, but we went ahead and did it anyway.

We fell in love with this adorable chair.

Well it came and it is....TINY! Oops.

We decided we will keep it since it's actually quite comfortable, and we really do need some more seating, oh and it was FREE. Plus, it will be just perfect for a kids room some day, as it is child-sized.


:type travel tuesday: {city of chicago}

We have a guest photographer today. My lovely sister-in-law, Meghan Fordice, who just moved to Chicago! Thanks Meg!


need homes

Alissa and I were featured in the Rochester newspaper. It's not the best picture of us, but the important thing is getting the word out about our needing homes. They spelled Alissa's name wrong, but that's typical.


yellow watermelon

The gents picked up this yellow watermelon just before I came back, and it's simply delicious! I'd never seen one before. It tastes pretty much the same (a tad sweeter?) but it's more fun to eat since it's out-of-the-ordinary!  Watermelon is truly one of my favorite things about summer.



Yesterday was our 6 year anniversary! Hard to believe we're entering our seventh year already!

Since Brandon is studying for his big COMP exams this week we didn't do much, but we did get some yummy asian food, where we also got this fortune. I knew he was close by, but it's still nice to hear.


:type travel tuesday: {attending nozzles}

Please forgive the late Type Travel Tuesday, as this week I was actually traveling back to Texas and attending nozzles and such.

Fairmont, Minnesota
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