....there's nothing like summertime at the lake.
I'm savoring every minute of it before returning to the sweltering Texas heat.



finally coming home

Well after years ladedahm is finally coming home to its very own URL! Please redirect your compasses to www.ladedahm.com!

I have owned this domain for over a year but blogger was being dumb, and I've only just gotten it all ironed out! ladedahm.blogspot.com will continue to redirect, but it's just more fun to have a real web address! Oh and annoyingly you NEED that www to find me.

knee-high flew by

The corn mildly surpassed knee-high-by-the-4th-of-July!


queenie colours

On a less patriotic note, Pantone and Leo Burnett collaborated on this awesome set of pantone swatches which document "colours that the Queen actually wore on 60 different occasions during her 60 year reign." I like to think that one of these is the peach ensemble from her day in Cambridge.

They only made 60 in honor of her 60 years, otherwise I would be trying to acquire one for sure.

Thanks for the tip, H!



Happy Independence Day!

Here is a little Americana in honor of our nation's birthday.

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