One of the things I've wanted to experience while living in Charlotte was a NASCAR race (mostly for the people-watching). We got tickets through work and went to the All-Star race this Saturday. I thought it was just going to be funny but it turned out to be pretty awesome!


A big reason it was great was that we basically had VIP passes! We walked in and suddenly realized we were INside the track. Confused, we stood there for awhile having NO idea what to do or where to go. After asking around we found out we could go anywhere with our passes.


SO we walked through the garages over to pit road expecting someone to stop us, but instead they all smiled and waved us through. And there we were in the pit with the crews and the teams watching the cars pull in and back out in seconds! I don't know how they didn't find us out.


We also saw Mark Sanchez the NY Jets QB. I took a picture of him before I knew who he was because I could tell he was famous. Pathetic, I realize. :)


After the qualifying race they had a "halftime" show during which we stood on the edge of the track. Suddenly the drivers pulled up and parked their cars up right in front of us. There we were, standing on the track with the drivers, their families, and their crews! All we could think was "WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE?" It was so fun!

(Ellen and I standing on the track. Note the "burnt rubber?") :)

I don't know much (anything) about NASCAR but I do know some of the main drivers. We were standing right behind Dale Earnhardt Jr's. car and Dale Earnhardt Jr himself.  So I walked over and took some pictures of him! My friend Ellen gave me a lug nut off of his car. haha


The race was pretty awesome too. The cars are SO VERY fast and loud. I hate to admit it but I can see how people could get into it.


Aside from the mass of people sitting atop their RVs, the only thing missing from the day was the hick-people-watching I'd been hoping for, but it was such a fun time!


My dad said we're truly Charlotteans now, just in time to leave, I guess.

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