whirlwind wedding weekend

SO I've been sick and packing all week(s) so I haven't gotten to this post that I've been very excited about!

Last LAST weekend was so wonderful. Jordan and Jennie's wedding was unbelievably perfect and beautiful, and so were they. I am SO happy for them! The wedding was in the front lawn of a lovely old (and haunted?) mansion and the reception was under the trees in the backyard. Magical!

I got some much-needed time with Heather on saturday and we had a stylish time!

Then on Sunday we got to spend much-needed time with the Heggers! I even got to introduce Julie and Heather for the first time! I call this photo "worlds collide." It was such fun!

We spent the day relaxing in Julie's mom's lovely backyard catching up and playing with Bella. They also gave us a wonderful eating-tour of St. Louis, starting with Imo's pizza and ending at their favorite hole-in-the-wall donut shop!

*by Julie Hegger

AND THEN on Sunday while we hung out Mom and Dad drove all the way from St. Louis to Charlotte for one last horrah in the Queen City! We ate at our favorite French restaurant, toured our favorite places, walked on the hiking trail, visited work (for about 2 hours of chatting!), and had a fabulous time together! As crazy hard-core road-trippers they stayed here ONE DAY and then drove back to the midwest stopping at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville on their way home.  WHAT A ROCKIN' WEEKEND!

(me at my desk!)


choosing joy said...

this post makes me SO happy. you took beautiful pictures of your weekend!! love you and miss you!

Piril Maria said...

Amazing photos. I am very much enjoying everything. Defo going to follow you, maybe you'll stop by me one day.

♥ thebookness.blogspot.com

andrea said...

thanks jules, and thanks bookness! YOUR photos are so great! prefect light.

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