sister surprise

SURPRISE! I am with my sister and little baby James RIGHT NOW (squeezing his cheeks as we speak)! The ever-romantic Jonathan flew me in as a surprise birthday gift for Alissa!

Grandma picked me up at the airport and Alissa was quite shocked when I came strolling out of the back room during her visit with grandma on Thursday. Aunt Kathy didn't know I was coming either and you can really see it on her face. :) (the photo is a bit blurry due to my extreme excitement).

IMG_4502 _MG_4521

James said "Hi" six times last week and I was hoping he'd say it when he saw me, but he didn't. :(

We're having a really fun time, shopping, decorating, sistering and doing a lot of this:

_MG_4851b _MG_4834b
OOOOOOOOOOOO that little boy is my FAVORITE!!!!!

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