panorama-postcard from paris

It may be apparent by now that I am in love with Paris. Before we went back last year I was worried that I had been romanticizing it in my mind / talking it up to Brandon and that we would both be disappointed. It was exactly the opposite. The city more than lived up to my expectations and I love it even more now after exploring more than I ever had before. Brandon fell completely in love as well. It was a dream to experience the city of love together.

I found this vintage postcard from Paris of a view atop L'Arc de Triomphe and realized I had taken similar photos myself.

So here is a little postcard from Paris for you.
Now we can all take a little mind-vacation on this ho-hum Wednesday.

I didn't have the EXACT shot so I concocted this little Paris panorama.
(click to enlarge)

IMG_9715b IMG_9696b
( . )

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