midnight in paris

We had a little Paris-themed date night this weekend and it was good fun!

I made from-scratch French Onion Soup and we watched "Midnight in Paris," finally. 

I really liked the movie. A lot of movies set in Paris have that stock B-roll type Paris scenery to set the scene and then spend the rest of the time on a set. This movie has tons and tons of Paris in it and they take you back in time to Paris in many different eras. I'm with Marion Cotillard's character when she says that the golden era in Paris was La Belle Epoque, but then part of the moral is that you shouldn't wish you lived in another era or romanticize another time as perfect. I thought the premise of the story was pretty cute. 

In addition, I have a bit of a girl-crush on Marion Cotillard (I've kept this in-flight magazine for quite some time) and I think she is magnifique. She is so quintessentially FRENCH and so lovely with that classic, simple, understated-yet-striking French allure. 

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