campus au curant

It's fun living on a campus again. It makes me feel a little old in some ways but I love the action and the energy of it. I also like seeing "what the kids are up to these days." Since living on campus these are the things I've found overwhelmingly CURRENT or just kinda funny.

Everyone and her sorority sister is wearing these nike tempo shorts around (or some very subtle variation) alllll the time. Why? (and actually when looking for a photo I just found this weirdly-long article about the fashion phenomenon that they are).

These are everywhere, and I have to say they're a pretty brilliant idea. Apparently these students in North Carolina got extra creative with the idea.

I saw this bicycle at Walmart for about $100 when we first moved here. Of course I think these cruisers are a.dor.able and wanted to get one. During our first week here, however, I took a stroll around campus and on one of the main drags saw about 10 (no exaggeration) of this exact bike parked within a block.  If I do get one, I think I'll go with another color.

In case you don't want to get any exercise on campus, and want to spend money on gas, you're in luck as mopeds are really in as well. Some of them are adorable vespas, and some aren't. There is a guy at the apartments behind ours who drives one, and even when my blinds are down, I know when he's on the move. Sometimes I think there's a fly in here though.

A lot of people are longboarding here (and in Minnesota as well). I saw a guy zoom past my window this morning who was cell-phone-longboarding. It made me chuckle. My brothers longboard, and when asked they admitted to being guilty of the occasional cell-phone-board-sesh themselves.

My friend/neighbor Liz saw some particularly resourceful chap go by on a motorized beverage cooler last week. That reminded me of the old Pink Panther cartoon where he drives a radiator. I also have a faint memory of seeing someone actually driving a radiator but I need to verify that with the other eye-witnesses as I may have made it up.

Have you seen things like this on your campus? What else is going "at university" these days?


nick&abby said...

okay, I want the bike and the portable hammock. :) I can't believe there was a full article dissecting the popularity of those shorts! Oh my...

Alaina said...

Granted I live off campus, but I haven't notice any of those sorts of things here at Iowa. Of course the weather makes all of them very uncomfortable a lot earlier. I've mostly just noticed boots with buttons and too much yellow for my taste.

Unknown said...

It's silly how many mopeds are around here. I see a lot of football players on them which is funny because I think some of them outweigh their scooters.

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