hamster aerobatics

I was recently reminded of this video my brother Dan made of our awesome back-flipping hamsters from college. Meet Dean and her babies Fabio, Herman Rodriguez Jr. and Gary.

Alissa, Heather and I went to our pet store, The Ark, in college and were enamored with a talented back-flipping hamster. We promptly bought him and took him home in a chinese take-out container. Much to our dismay the new hamster just slept and did no back-flips. So, sneaky as we are, we decided to put the hamster back into my big purse and return to the pet store. We made our way back to the hamster section and switched our lazy nap-taking hamster for the CORRECT back-flipping hamster. Much to our surprise and delight we discovered our new hamster Dean with three babies one morning. The babies turned out to be back-flipping too! They made for some fun times during our college years.

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