the long and winding road that leads to rome

After years on a long and winding road of vigorous prayer, study, and the leading of the Holy Spirit,
Brandon and I became Catholic on February 10th.

It was a beautiful Sunday with family and friends, sunshine and 70 degrees. Some of my family was able to come down, as well as some of our great friends from childhood. The service was a moving  high Mass complete with incense and Gregorian chant.

Deo Gratias!


Afterwards, we celebrated at a local winery.

That evening our friends threw a party in our honor, cleverly called "Mardi Dahm" due to the fact that we joined the church the Sunday before Lent. They made us a king's cake, made kind toasts and made us feel so loved. We couldn't be more thankful for the Christian friends we've been blessed with.


A special thank you to Jordan Kologe for his beautiful photography!

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