dutch gin

When we were in the Netherlands we met up with some Dutch friends who we were friends with while living in Cambridge, Harry and Jeanine (notice how they are BOTH taller than me!). While talking and asking them about Dutch food in general (of which there are basically no well-known main dishes, and no Dutch restaurants) it came up that there is a long tradition of Dutch Gin in the Netherlands. We were very surprised, as none of Brandon's Dutch relatives brought this tradition over to the United States with them.

Thusly, after dinner they took us to a tiny unknown (but popular with locals) hole-in-the-wall pub that is also a tasting room for a Dutch gin maker, for a sampling.

The best, oldest and most expensive variety is called "Oude" ("old"). It's almost a marrying of gin and whiskey, the flavor being somewhere in between. It was very good, and very smooth. Another variety was sharper and you could really taste the juniper. (I don't remember what the third one was, Brandon should be writing this). We were very impressed (Brandon is a gin fan to begin with), so we bought a bottle to bring back to the states and share with our families (specifically our Dutch family). Unfortunately, the bottle leaked in our suitcase so we had to drink it with our friends in Rome!

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