belly and nursery

Here's a little update! My belly and the nursery are coming along! Brandon took a few photos of me in the nursery at the end of week 29 (I'm 31 weeks now (as of Tuesday)).

People have been so loving to us and so generous with gifts and baby showers over Christmas break, and we've been able to start putting together a space for the baby. It's so fun!

We have the crib and an ottoman (thanks Paula and Jeff!) and the rocking chair (thanks Chad and Sheryl!), a fun yellow pillow (thanks Caryn and Scott!), an adorable toy basket with custom handmade liner (thanks Alissa!) and our old dresser in there so far. Heather helped me paint the walls grey a couple of weeks ago (thanks Heather!) It's really nice to get things going because I'm definitely nesting these days.

Baby girl moves around like an acrobat and I've starting having Braxton Hicks contractions this last week (normal for this time). It does feel like we're closing in on the last leg and it's SO exciting but also scary.

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