I've been under the waters of moving and family time for the last few weeks straight. The moving part was insane, intense and a bit sweaty because of the Charlotte summer heat, but the friend and family reunions that awaited us at the finish line made it all disappear.

We got ALL our stuff into this tiny pod. Shockingly.

We did sell our washer/dryer and two bookcases, as well as having to abandon an old bookshelf and our giant chair as they wouldn't fit/weren't worth the money to move (ooo I hope they're not reading this). The chair was so big and so awkward that in order to discard it near the dumpster we had to balance it atop Brandon's car and drive frustratingly slow for the long journey to the dump.

We left Charlotte early Thursday morning after staying with Nathan and Rachel and saying our final teary goodbyes, then drove 10+ hours to Indianapolis where we got to see the Morgan's, meet baby Asher and have a lovely French dinner out!

Afterwards, we drove 2 more hours to Illinois where we stayed the night with the Heggers! It was so much fun to see them again so soon and stay up late chatting and eating chocolate chip cookies! The next morning we relaxed and spent time playing with Bella and spending quality time. MAN I miss them.

When I had my back pack on and was ready to go Bella went and got hers and said "I go with you!" Heart melting.

*this image by the fabulous Julie Hegger

We drove through 8 states in one day. That was tiring.

We had about 5 hours to go on Friday before we arrived in Cedar Falls, Iowa for our friend Jason's wedding. We got to see so many of our friends from Pella there.

And we saw this creepy monster tree. Was it worth the effort people?

After the wedding on Saturday night we caravanned home to southern Minnesota with Heather and Adam! We had a blast but were completely and entirely exhausted, and nearly tumbled out of our cars onto my parent's front steps.

Ahhhhh, home.

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choosing joy said...

LOVE this post and all of the pictures! I'm so glad that you made it safely to MN and that we got the chance to see you. Miss you already!

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