so long, farewells

It was very hard to say goodbye to our life in Charlotte. We had a wonderful 4 (kinda 5 years) as Charlotteans.

Brandon said goodbye to our TV, which recently stopped working. He posed for this picture of him giving it a goodbye hug and unfortunately also threw out his back (in the middle of moving week).

We said goodbye to LGA. They have become my family for 4 years and I'm so happy that I get to stay in contact doing freelance from Texas! They made me the best photo album of my 4 years with them that brought tears to my eyes.

We said farewell to the wonderful Kologes, our surrogate Charlotte-parents and good friends!

We bid adieu to all the friends we have grown to love so dearly will miss so dearly when we're gone.

We had our last Chef Bill cooking class. We are going to miss him, his passion for food and travel, his amazing cooking tips and the tasty food he made us!

So long and fare-thee-well, Charlotte. We love you.

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