pretty laundry

Hanging laundry can look sooo pretty and can also sooo ghetto.

My friend Liz told me that our apartment complex prohibits the hanging of laundry outside because it's "unsightly." My first response was "uhh NO IT'S NOT! I love the way laundry looks hanging in the breeze." But then I realized that at some times it really does look tacky.

Why? It can look so enchanting when hanging between two crooked buildings in Italy, off of a balcony in Paris, or on lines in a charming English garden.

I appreciate line-drying laundry for reasons of form and function. I have a lot of clothes that I have to line-dry, mostly due to my long proportions and need of avoiding shrinkage. I have taken many photos in my day and I've seen quite a bit of it "around" lately so here is some laundry eye-candy.

I guess it depends on the context and the laundry itself.

(my photos above)


Also, the laundry scenes in "Tree of Life" are breath-taking.

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