Baylor's campus is beautiful. It has played a large role in my (gradual) acceptance of living in Texas. I wanted to show you some of the magic.

...and the TREES in this part of Texas are magical. They have also helped me grow a small affection for the place. These amazing trees are called Live Oaks, and they also play a big (visual) role in the movie "Tree of Life" which is set in Waco (and filmed here and the surrounding area, primarily).

They are the perfect climbing-trees.
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nick&abby said...

um, those trees are definitely magical :)

Laura said...

So I saw your blog post about Paris pop up on my reader today, and I figured I might as well hop on over to your blog to look at other pretty things on this frigid and mostly color-less day here in Chicagoland. So, after perusing through some pages of posts (geez, this is turning into an alliteration!), I saw this one on Baylor again. So, after this long intro, I wanted to tell you that your posts about Baylor made me suggest this school to my husband when he started talking about PhD ideas. We probably won't land there when you guys are there, and it's not likely that they would have a field he'd want to study (if he does decide to do that), but I just wanted you to know that the picture of that tree alone made me want us to go there, you know, for a little while! :)

andrea said...

Hi Laura!

Wow lovely alliteration. :) That's awesome! Baylor spends a lot of time and MONEY making the campus beautiful and keeping it a little green oasis in the middle of Texas (especially Texas summers) so it's good to know it pays off! I know I appreciate it, although it does seem like a bit of a waste of money at times, it helps quality of life A LOT (i think). You should definitely apply here! We will be here for 5 YEARS so we just might overlap! That's great that he's thinking of doing a Phd. What fields is he considering.

Take care!

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