culinary quest: chicken dumpling soup

The Amboy Cottage Cafe chicken dumpling soup

Over Christmas break we had dinner at the quaint and fabulous Amboy Cottage Café, which is owned and run by one of my mom's childhood friends, Lisa. I highly recommend it if you're ever in South-central Minnesota.

She has amazing food which changes all the time. This visit included a hearty and intensely flavorful Chicken Dumpling Soup which she adorably served in a teacup. I really wanted to try recreating it at home.

I made homemade and hearty chicken stock and added veggies and dumplings to it. It was delicious. I cooked the dumplings in the soup which made the broth thicken up a lot. I liked that but I think I will try to cook them separately next time to keep it more true-to-the-original.

Here is my attempt:

my attempt

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