in like a lion, in like a lamb

Well March is here and springtime is cropping up all around us as things are starting to bloom in Texas!

_MG_4987 _MG_5002 _MG_5020b _MG_5040 _MG_5042 _MG_5060 _MG_5084
In the meantime they had their FIRST huge blizzard of the winter in northern Minnesota, on leap day.

This is the first time all winter that I've been able to use my Texas-winters-make-living-here-worth-it claim. The blizzard was enjoyed by those up-nort-der, however, as they all had a snow day!

March has come in like a lion in Minnesota and like a lamb in Texas.



nick&abby said...

everything is blooming here too! SO pretty..not missing Iowa winter either :)

Jeff, Paula Fordice said...

Love...your photos!

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