termite problem

Welp, we have a termite problem. Gotta say I am loving the south lately. The termites are eating their way through the wall next to our living room window!

Luckily, I told the office today and the exterminator came by about an hour later. So I hope they're dying as we speak. The pest guy told me the ones that hatch out have wings so they can fly off and start new colonies. They are the reproductive kind. oh great! He also said they meant to come out of the wall and be outside, but they went the wrong way. Sucks to be them. Sucks more to be us.

Anyway, I've sealed off the holes with layers and layers of tape, which they can eat through, but at least it slows them down and contains them. He also said they don't bother people. So hopefully in the next couple of days the problem will disappear.

Until then, I feel like the pink panther in this beloved episode we used to watch as kids. If you have five minutes, definitely watch it. :)

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Lucile Lynch said...

Good thing the office called up an exterminator quickly. It would have been awful if the termite problem turned worse and spread over other areas. And true, some termites have wings so they can easily spread and reproduce. Imagine having termites flitting around your office. Nasty!

@Lucile Lynch

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