culinary quest: poached eggs

One of the cooking challenges Brandon and I have been wanting to attempt is poaching an egg. Not with a cheater little plastic thingy that you put into the water either, but the by-hand way. Since Katie also loves to cook we decided to try it together over break.

It actually wasn't too too difficult if you got the not-quite-but-almost-boiling-water swirling slowly and then dropped the egg right into the not-swirling center of it, then kept slooooowly swirling the water around until it seemed done. 

We decided we might as well use the opportunity to make Eggs Benedict, so they whipped up a delicious Hollandaise as well. It was a tasty success.

1 comment:

bailey said...

amazing! looks absolutely delicious. when i was in junior high and high school i had a poached egg on toast everyday for breakfast. :)

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