feast of st. thomas aquinas

In celebration of the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas on the anniversary of his "birth into glory" or as Brandon prefers to call it, his "death," (on March 7, 739 years ago) we were invited to a feast in his honor.

Stained glass window depicting St. Thomas Aquinas at Brooks College, Baylor.

This humorous menu was created by some fellow Thomists at Notre Dame, with each food item pertaining to some aspect of St. Thomas' life. (Images of each food item are below the menu)

FEAST of St. Thomas

Prima Pars
Ecce Bruschetta Angelorum
A celestial start for the feast of us wayfarers;
but please don’t feed it to the dogs.

Hummus Contra Averroistas
St. Thomas knew that the Arabs got their Aristotle wrong,
but he wouldn’t deny that they got their chickpeas right.

Roccasecca Zucchini Pokers
Sharp and zesty, these tasty whore d’oeuvres
also serve to ward off unwanted temptresses.

Secunda Pars
Brother Reginald’s Rice
While they certainly may seem as straw compared to what St. Thomas has seen,
these humble grains provide an indispensable foundation for our meal.

Dumb Ox Loin
Fork-tender pork tenderloin with resounding flavor,
whose bellowing will be heard throughout the whole world.

Tertia Pars
Scholastic Strawberry Trifle
A cornucopia of flavors distinguished in order to be united.

Circulatio Chocolate Cake 
A Neo-Platonic touch for the reditus of our meal.

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