brandon's birthday visitors

...and we're still not done talking about celebrating Brandon's birthday! Lastly and certainly most importantly Brandon's mom Caryn, uncle Calvin, and grandparents Carrol and Carolyn came to visit for his birthday!

We had suuuuch a fun time with them, showing them around Baylor, Waco and just getting to spend time together! Luckily we were able to share some beautiful Texas winter weather with them with temps between the mid-60s and 70 degrees.

We ate tons of delicious food.

The ladies went shopping...a few times.

We went to a Baylor Lady Bears' Basketball game. It was really fun to see Brittany Griner play, and waste Texas, of course!

We had a picnic by the river.

We toured Baylor's campus.

They got stranded here an extra day due to crazy winds in Waco. We got to the Waco airport only to find out their flight had been canceled. It was nice to be awarded some extra time together, but it was stressful for them! The next day they flew to Dallas, and on to Des Moines. They were in the air 20 minutes from Des Moines when they had to turn and go BACK to Dallas because of the blizzards back home! They ended up having to stay overnight in the airport. Pretty much all their flights were delayed during the process and after flying to Detroit they finally made it back to Des Moines by Wednesday evening clocking an extra two days of travel time. I hope it was a memorable bonding experience for them as a nuclear family, especially since they got to experience many of the classic "movie-style" travel horrors all in one trip (they also had to RUN through the airport to catch a flight, mind you).

Thank you so much for visiting! Come back soon, please.

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