the bob ross paint-off

Paul had the brilliant idea of putting our family (of artistic-types) to the test vs. the legendary Bob Ross, and the Fordice Family Paint-off was born!


The competition was fierce but Bob took the edge off with his soothing voice and positive outlook.


Happy clouds and happy trees were made by all.

Many participants veered away from Bob's very specific instruction and very neon color palette, thinking they knew better.

Bob's finished painting:

Our finished paintings:


Alissa and Jonathan's: family affair

Mom's: impressively impressionistic

Dad's: palette-knife-ian portrayal

Brandon's: dark and stormy night

My: happy sailing scene

Daniel's: eye-spy

Meghan's: fish-eye perspective

Paul's: mountainous painting perfection

and the WINNER IS...

PAUL! (the originator)

Paul took home the grand prize by producing the BEST and most Ross-ian painting of all! Congratulations Paul, you deserve it!


Josiah Glickstein said...

Yes, but are Paul's trees "happy" little trees?

Dan Fordice said...

Nice! Kinda wish I were shirted, though!

andrea said...

ha. they may have a slight twinge of angst, those trees.

yeah we all did/do, dan. maybe something to remember for next time. :) but actually why not go shirtless while you still can. soon you will be fat and 30.

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