european tour

We're going back to Europe! and I couldn't be more excited or more exhausted from planning planning planning. During this process I have come to realize why someone might hire a travel agent (aside from the obvious benefits in the non-internet days), and I have also learned that I would never like to be said travel agent. I am NOT a planner and even though "planning your trip to Europe" is something you can never complain about, I am exhausted. I just hope we won't have to spend any nights outside.

That said, I am very very very excited! We will have limited and sporadic access to the interwebs during our time away, but I will post updates whenever possible.

I am also scheduling Type Travel Tuesdays while we're away so as not to upset any of my super devoted fan base. ;)

(I altered the above image from Jetsetter.com, I loved how it fades from Paris to London)

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