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Beginning to post about our trip has been a bit daunting. I am just now finishing up the sifting and deleting photo process. I've decided (at the recommendation of Brandon) to just start posting random stories, with photos of course, from wherever and whenever as they come to mind.

So an overview of the trip might be helpful up front. We flew in to London and promptly took the train up to Cambridge. There we spent about four days. We spent 2 days in London then flew to Amsterdam.

We spent 4 days in the Netherlands staying mostly in Amsterdam due to the freezing temperatures and rainy weather.

Next, we flew to Pisa and took the train to Florence, where we spent 5 days, one being a day trip to Venice.

We took the train from Florence to Rome, where we met up with Jeff (our grand tour guide) who is in his third year of seminary there, becoming a priest. We also met up with Dan, Heather, DeAnn and Ryan (friends from Pella (Dan) and Waco)! We stayed in Rome for about 6 days and took a day trip to Assisi.

Dan had to leave for a conference in Paris, and the rest of us flew together to the south of France, where we rented a car and stayed in Toulouse for 3 days. During that time we drove to the Mediterranean coast, stopping at the medieval walled city of Carcassonne.

Lastly, we spent a day driving north through France, stopping at a chateau/winery for a wine tasting along the way. We then stayed in Paris for 8 days, the last 3 being Brandon and I alone again.

It was a wonderful adventure filled with time alone, time with old friends and time with new friends as well! More details to come.

I slightly edited this beautiful map by Artur Bodenstein to illustrate our trip.

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