Well, we live in Texas now. More to come on the process of getting here. Today we cracked the last box and finished unpacking (in what actually feels like record time considering past experiences). I tidied up and took some snaps so people could see our new dwelling place. I always like to see where people live so I can imagine them in the proper scene (and because I'm nosey and love seeing different decorating).

We are living in grad student housing which is uber-cheap and has internet and cable included! We're just a block or two off campus and can walk/bike as soon as it's not 1000 degrees outside. I love having upstanding academics as neighbors and it seems like a bit of a close-knit community.

Without further ado, our new luxury townhome! 
that AWESOME island is handmade by my fantastic father!


I was a bit off-put by the age/style/craftsmanship of our new place at first, but now that we're moved in it's really growing on me. I just try to pretend the baseboards aren't made of black plastic and that the toilet upstairs isn't crooked.

They put in brand NEW carpet and linoleum right before we moved in. Thank you Lord!

P.S. much decorating and wall-filling is still needed and I will have to take more photos because not every room is represented here. 


Jeff, Paula Fordice said...

Looks good!!! :)

choosing joy said...

wow! great job. looks fantastic and you did it all so quickly! i love all of the natural light, the open shelves in the kitchen and the island is a-mazing. :)

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