so long sweet summer

It may have moved swiftly into autumn everywhere else, but in Texas it is still summer. This is unfortunately as I'm over summer and I'm dying to load up layers and wear my scarves (my favorite season of apparel). The good thing about summer staying on a bit longer is that I haven't posted some of my summer photos yet, and now I still have a chance!

Here are highlights from the wonderful time we spent in Pella!

Pella biker weekend, haha _MG_9099

_MG_9105 _MG_9108 _MG_9114 _MG_9119

Harry Potter Finale! _MG_9129 _MG_9138 _MG_9134 _MG_9147

HOURS at Smokey Row! _MG_9389 _MG_9386 _MG_9672

Brittany Rempe State Fair-goer extraordinaire _MG_9607

Pottery Painting
_MG_9633 _MG_9645  _MG_9664 _MG_9663 _MG_9658

Sister fun!
IMG_9171 _MG_0413 IMG_9329 IMG_9274

Guy time
_MG_9366 _MG_9383

Rempe family reunion
_MG_9739 _MG_9741 _MG_9746
(the last 3 photos were taken insanely humid/foggy air before a big storm when my lens fogged up!)

_MG_9753 _MG_9761 _MG_9766 _MG_9803 _MG_9785 _MG_9691 _MG_9908 _MG_9945 _MG_9980 _MG_9993 _MG_0453 _MG_0476b

Brittany and Andrea's Beautiful-Iowa photog fest!
_MG_0501 _MG_0623 _MG_0618 _MG_0591 IMG_0683 _MG_0706

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