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While in Cambridge a man came up to Jill and I and asked if we were Americans. At first we were a bit off-put thinking we must have been talking loudly for him to notice our accents, but then he said he was with the BBC and was interviewing Ex Pats for a story. He wanted to know if he could ask us a few questions. I tentatively agreed and up-walked another man with a GIANT camera. He zoomed in real tight and asked me some questions about the conversion rates and economies of the US and UK. I KNOW I sounded like a complete idiot. We didn't have a tele and I never saw the interview. Try as he may Brandon couldn't find it online either (Thank you Lord).

Working from home has been making me a bit stir-crazy of late, so today I worked at the local campus coffee shop. Will I sat there minding my own business, a woman started talking to me about how there had been 4 robberies at gunpoint in the neighborhood and asking me what I knew about it. She was a reporter and asked if she could ask me a few questions. I agreed....before I realized I had gotten myself roped into ANOTHER TV INTERVIEW. She was super nice and I told her my story about being interviewed by the BBC and sounding like a blubbering idiot. She said this was my chance to redeem myself, I could have as many "takes" as I liked and that she wouldn't ask me about the economy or fish and chips. 

So do we think I succeeded? 
I only remember this vaguely but Mom tells me that I was interviewed in Israel as well. I guess I just look like I would have an opinion. ???

I guess these are the kinds of things that can happen to you when you leave the house. A TV interview...or an armed robbery...hmmmm.

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