birthday festivities

For my birthday Brandon surprised me by taking me to Cantina Texas a new restaurant for which I recently designed a logo/identity.

We have awesome RIGHT next door neighbors, Jessica and Joel (they share our left-side walls) who  are our Project Runway buddies and we have a standing Thursday-night shindig together. Last Thursday was also my birthday so after Brandon and I went to the local coffee shop for his office hours, they drove by and picked us up off the street, revealing our surprise dinner plans!


_MG_7296b _MG_7285b IMG_6352
IMG_6358 IMG_6356 _MG_7258 IMG_7262

Jessica was super sweet and decorated our front door and made me pumpkin whoopie pies! Besides actually feeling older this year, it was a great birthday.

Brandon also took me shopping all day Saturday which was a real sacrifice for him and bliss for me!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and gifts everyone!!!

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