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This day in 2009 we were celebrating the weirdly-popular British Guy Fawkes/Bonfire night in England.

Oddly enough we found ourselves at a huge bonfire and fireworks celebration again this year as it is Baylor's Homecoming this week. The fire was just as massive but we were tons closer this time and we had to move back quickly from the intense heat. I was shocked at how hot it was even from quite far away. I definitely have a newfound respect for firefighters.

IMG_7090 fireworks IMG_7202 IMG_7225 IMG_7197 (You can almost feel the fire on our faces).

It was (not-quite-equally-strange) to see Baylor burning painted signs like prayers to "Beat the Tigers" as it was for the Brits to burn effigies of Guy Fawkes in their fires. We decided giant fires just seem kind of pagan.

It's finally chilly here and I'm happy that autumn is finally upon us. The British brand TOAST has a Fifth of November Collection to honor the holiday and the season. I'm so excited to finally wear layers!

Happy Autumn!


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