food fail

What happens when you're making corn bread muffins and you have extra batter so you say to yourself, "hmm I'll just make a small corn bread loaf for later," and then you forget all about it so that later on when you smell burning you think, "hmmm there must be something spilled at the bottom of the oven and Oh! I forgot to turn the oven off, silly me," so you turn the oven off?

Well, the next morning after all of your corn bread muffins have been eaten at a dinner party you think, "hmmm some corn bread might be nice, perhaps I will break out my little bonus loaf from last night," and then in an INSTANT you see the whole situation, and realize you have no memory of ever seeing that loaf last night and that you must have....*opening the oven*...yes indeed you DID leave it in the cold oven ALL NIGHT.


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