the change-your-life cookie

Brandon and I LOVE chocolate chip cookies. LOVE them. They are a bit of a weakness for us, really. We love cookie dough too, and we make a mean chocolate chip cookie dough, if I do say so myself. We CAN NOT make a good chocolate chip cookie to save our lives, however. As soon as we bake that delicious dough it loses all of its pizazz.

Therefore, we decided to go on a culinary quest for the best chocolate chip cookie out there.

Enter the Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter + Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie. I stumbled upon these on A Cup of Jo and thought they looked uhhhhhhh-mazing.

So I whipped up a batch the other night and they are THE BEST CHOCOLATE-CHIP COOKIES EVER! They have officially changed my cookie-life. They're the first recipe we tried and we both agree that the search is already over. I guess I can't really claim they're the best cookie ever unless I try all the other ones, but I'm going to do it anyway because they're that good.

AND they're still awesome a couple hours later and even the NEXT DAY! I never like old* cookies so that is a really impressive fact to me.

*and by "old" I mean anything that isn't right out of the oven.

Try these! Or else you have not lived.

Photos by The Ambitious Kitchen. Also, I think she invented this recipe. She is a saint.

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