sorghum festival

(This is for you G & G Bandstra!)

Labor Day weekend we headed out to Homestead Heritage (a traditional arts/crafts village and organic farm just outside Waco) for their Sorghum Festival. Sorghum is a sugar-cane-like plant that is used to make Sorghum syrup, which is a lot like molasses but more vegetabley.

It was very interesting to see how they cut and pressed the stalks, then heated the sorghum boiling off the "vegetable material," then strained it. I'm not sure where in the process the burning / caramelizing / reducing comes into play. I was only half listening as they explained it, I guess. I was probably taking pictures instead of paying attention.

Besides it's being stinkin' hot outside we had a fabulous day with friends. It was so hot I wore shorts. I WORE SHORTS! If you know me well, you know this is shocking. Here's a photographic journal of the day. (click photos to enlarge)

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