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I always intended to get a picture of this sign while we were living in Charlotte. We passed it a billion times hidden in the rooftops off I-77. I kept not stopping because it was in a sketchy neighborhood and we were always on our way somewhere (and running late at that (most likely my fault)).

So, before we moved away I put, "Take a picture of the Jesus Saves sign," on my list of "Things to do before we leave Charlotte." Then, all of sudden I couldn't find the sign anymore. It had always been kind of difficult to see from the road. I second guessed where it had been and was left scratching my head. I never did find it before we moved, and I was sad about that.

Last week, I was doing a generic stock photo search for work and a picture of THAT very sign popped up, reminding me of the whole debacle. I decided to find an image of it to post for Type Travel Tuesday, even though I never took one myself. In the process, I found a number of articles about how the old building the sign had been perched upon was going to be demolished, and how there was a movement to "save the 'Jesus Saves' sign!"

It turns out the sign was taken down and saved in 2010! It's just in storage somewhere now, until they decide what to do with it. I was so relieved to hear that I wasn't crazy because I couldn't find the sign
and that it had been saved! Glad someone was on top of that, since I was completely oblivious, and I'm glad someone else got a picture of it too!

This photo is by mark pollitt images.

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