all saints' celebration

In honor of All Saints' Day, I attended a Saints and sundries costume party with Baylor friends! Sadly, Brandon is in LA for a conference so he couldn't go. It was a wonderful evening of explaining our costumes, laughter, libations, and singing around the fire (praise music with the occasional "secular tune" mixed in, of course). (As always, click to enlarge the photos).

Can anyone tell I am Saint Lucy (or Santa Lucia)? I went Scandinavian with my costume since I'm part Swedish, and wore the crown of lights. St. Lucia's name is derived from Lux, Lucis meaning "Light," and she is the patron saint of the blind. She pointed others towards "the Way of light." I just found a round metal candle holder and added the holly. It will now serve as our advent wreath. Turns out metal candle holders are uncomfortable when worn on your head, and a bit scary if on fire.

Here are some of the other saintly party-goers. Sadly, I can't remember who everyone was portraying.

St. Hedwig of Silesia (?), and St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Some pirate-saints, and an "unknown saint." (Sorry, guys.)

Saint Zita, and St. Mary, St. John the Evangelist (as an eagle) and St. Michael the Archangel.

The host-is Moses, and Father Daniel (as himself)


sldahm said...

I love it..

Sara said...

Great costume! You are brave to have a headful of fire.

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