birthday weeeeeeeek

As I mentioned, birthday celebrations this year extended far beyond my actual birthDAY, and closer to Brandon's tradition of a "birthday week" which is 13 days (just shy of two weeks so that he can still (somehow) refer to it as one "week" and NOT two).

Some lovely friends made a cake for me and for Ryan, since our birthdays are annoyingly close together, stealing spotlight from both of us. Kidding. They then convinced me to follow the alleged Mexican birthday tradition of taking a bite out of the side of the cake (the veracity of which is yet to be validated). Here's documentation. In the first one I'm making a weird face trying to get Ryan to stop blowing out the candles and pose for a photo. Apparently, he doesn't pose.

Brandon semi-surprised me with a trip to an amazing french restaurant in Austin! We live sadly far away from any fine French cuisine and we miss it bitterly. He also invited some friends along to make the evening even better!

The restaurant, Péché, turned out to be a curious amalgam of French and Italian cuisine, the unifying principle of which seemed to be whatever is insanely delicious, novel, and difficult to pronounce. They specialize in pre-prohibition era cocktails which were beautifully complex, and just SO good. It's an absinthe bar, as well.

Besides the fact that our friends are wonderful, it was especially fun to go in a group because we got to sample so many drinks and entrees. Everything was exquisite!

I ordered a Silver Monk, composed of my very favorite liqueur, Chartreuse (Green), honey, lime, egg white & Angostura Bitters. WOW.

For dinner, Brandon and I split the mac daddy dinner (yep, that's a french term), Prime Cowboy Ribeye with Seared Foie Gras, Truffled Pommes Dauphines, and Black Truffle. Just. Wow.

Last but not least, for dessert I ordered Espresso Crème Brûlée with Amaretti Cookies, and Brandon had Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chèvre-Black Pepper Mousse, Candied Beet Chips (why?), Orange Bourbon Gastrique, and Chocolate Sauce.

If you're in Austin, go to Péché! Only your wallet will be sorry.

I like food, bye.


Sara said...

Chartreuse! This post made me chuckle. You are funny.

andrea said...

I know, Chartreuse!!! I almost typed a little note to you after the name of the liqueur! :) It was made for you. The color got it's name from that liqueur, and so you did too!
:) Thanks.

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