birthday weekend

Last weekend I turned 29. I guess this is the year I will try to make last forever, and in the interest of getting that started we have basically been celebrating my birthday for the last two weeks!

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful calls, skypes, texts and Facebook messages, and especially to everyone who I got to celebrate with in-the-flesh (I know many of you wish that would've included you, and so do I!).

Brandon had a conference over my birthday weekend and I didn't have much for plans, so in a fit of impulsivity Meghan and I decided she better fly down here to keep me company for the weekend! We had an absolute blast, and it felt like she was here for no less than four days. It was really fun to have alone-time and a girl's weekend. Our weekend was complete with all the best things a girl's weekend has to offer, fun conversations, shopping, great food, a picnic, tree climbing, glamour shots, more shopping, movies, and more talking, then more food.

It was a surprise that Brandon came home from the conference early and got to be here ON my birthday as well!

We had a few SISTER-TWIN moments when we realized that we both have pretty much the SAME antique locket, and when we tried on matching dresses, which also matched our own hair colors.

Thank you for coming, Meg!


Sara said...

Fun! Looks like a wonderful weekend! And I'm sure you can pass for 29 for at least the next 10-15 years! :)

andrea said...

haha Thanks, Sara! I really hope you're right!

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