it's beginning to look a lot like...autumn

Only now that it's basically December has it finally started looking like fall in Texas. I'm over it. I feel like we just skipped a season, but even though I love fall (or used to when we had it) I'm ready for winter! I know that it's a romanticized version of winter that I'm longing for, but I want a coat of freshly fallen snow, crisp air, carols playing, a scarf, warm mittens, a hot wintery beverage and a gently crackling fire.

The brutal reality of winter is bound to shatter these desires as soon as I step foot out of my car onto Midwestern soil. For now, however I choose to think of them fondly.

It was pretty nice to go to the outdoor Baylor Christmas festival last night and only have to think about dressing seasonally appropriate style-wise instead of temperature-wise, and not having to worry about freezing to death, however I miss having FOUR seasons.


We're finishing up Christmas purchases and starting to prepare for our journey home. I'm so excited!

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