recurring dreams

I have (at least) three recurring dreams, and in the last week I've had two of them.

1. Someone has come to visit me (who it is and where we are living changes) and I am kept from spending much, if any, quality time with them. For one reason or another I know they are there, and that I can't be with them. Heart breaking.

2. I am traveling and for one reason or another I can't take any (or very many) pictures. Sometimes this dream also involves my not being able to go very many places in the city I'm visiting (usually Paris), or being stuck in the hotel the whole time. Either my camera is broken, or stolen, or I just forget to take pictures. Panic.

3. The oldest and most persistent of my dreams involves my being a student. I am taking some class (that changes but it's usually science-y, and this time it was philosophy) and I forget that I'm in it. Suddenly, I'm sitting in the class when I realize that I haven't been to the class in ages, I haven't done any of the homework, and I'm not ready for the test we're about to have. Shudder.

I suppose each of these dreams sheds some light on one of my deepest fears or desires. I long to spend quality time with my family and friends, and I am often prevented from doing so by living far away.

I love traveling, and I love taking and having and looking at pictures. This one is a less meaningful longing, but it must run pretty deep to pop up in my subconscious so often.

I want to work hard and do a good job whether as a student or designer, but I tend to be forgetful.

I'm not sure if I'm feeling stressed lately, or why I've been experiencing my recurring dreams, but I thought they were an interesting thought experiment, at the very least.

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Sara said...

I have often had the exact school dream! Panic!

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