surprise for brandon

Brandon's dad Chad, and Sheryl, surprised him with a visit the other weekend!!! We had a really fun time being sneaky, planning the whole thing behind his back, and trying to figure out just HOW to surprise him.

Brandon, not knowing they were coming that weekend, kept changing his friday afternoon study plans on me, so we had to improvise in the end. My favorite plan was "for if Brandon is reading at home." They brought disguises (fake mustaches, sideburns and wigs), and I was going to come home from errands and tell Brandon that there were two really creepy people outside going through the dumpsters, and that I was scared. When he looked out the window he would see them! I was curious how long it would take him to recognize them.

We ended up sneaking up behind him while he was reading in the library, and with an unsuspected rush of mercy, Chad decided it would be best not to be in costume in such a public place.

He had NO IDEA! Sucker. :)

It was so much fun hanging out with Chad and Sheryl! They took us out to "the posh restaurant" in Waco, which we had been dying to try. We went shopping and antiquing, did a lot of walking and eating. I love getting alone time with awesome people we usually see in groups.

Thank you so much for coming down!

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sldahm said...

It was such an awesome time. We had a blast just hanging out with you on your turf. It was nice to spend much needed quality time. We sure love you ....and thank you for planning he surprise.

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